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Link Management Service

Link Management Service : Link Management and Reciprocal Link Programs are vital to search engine ranking and recognition. Each search engine places a different value or score differently on this area, but all factor the inbound or reciprocal links into their algorithm. Google's algorithm counts a link from one website to another as a vote, but whom the vote is coming from is important. What is the overall value of the website linking to your website? Yahoo counts inbound links, but it is looking for industry or keyword matches. The tedious and time consuming task of monitoring this program and having the skill set to define value often leads to outsourcing the service.

Link Management Service Summary

Summary Of Link Management Service Steps:

  • Identify your target keywords and thus your partners
  • Subscribe you to several link partner programs (a link exchange directory)
  • Create your account with Link Manager or LinksLister
  • Setup your website with the proper pages and categories needed
  • Maintaining your link campaign by accepting high quality links and rejecting poor or irrelevant site requests.
  • If your site isn't receiving many partners we will pursue additional partners for you
  • Deep Link is performed on a per page basis (optional)
  • Link Management Service Pricing

    Standard Link Page Design and Maintenance - $800.00 per year

    Deep Link Page Design and Maintenance - $1200.00 per year

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